Get Creative

 There are many different ways you can come along side a ministry with financial and prayer support. Here are a few ideas that may inspire you to be creative in how you can do something real for people who are dying in despair and oppression.

  1. Start a prayer group
    1. “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst” – Jesus in Matt. 18.20. “The prayer of the righteous man is powerful and effective” – James 5.16.
    2. Christians who really believe the Bible really do believe in prayer. Set a time to pray specifically for child victims of forced prostitution. Make an announcement in church or sunday school/small group/youth group (maybe along side our video or another human trafficking awareness video)Let us know so that we can give you specific prayer requests and then let you know when God answers those specific requests you have brought to him.
  2. Have a Yard Sale.
    1. When you make clear to your church and community that your yard sale is to help save children from forced prostitution many people will come alongside and want to give their stuff to sell. We did it and we raised a lot of money!
  3. Kingdom investment
    1. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or think you could be an entrepreneur then you could make a part of your business a Kingdom investment. One man who owned a Rose business, after providing for his family and local church, planted a whole field of roses that he dedicated to give to ministry. All the profits from that field go to build the kingdom of God.
  4. Concert
    1. Musicians can play in the street (I personally have made good money doing this at the right place at the right time) as well as have a concert in town or at a church. Again, people are more likely to come if they know it’s to help slave children. Others may want to get involved selling baked goods.
  5. Volunteer for an event
    1. Many big events (such as football games, races, concerts etc) are staffed by non-profit volunteers who receive a percentage of whatever they help bring in if the money is going to the non-profit. These events can be fun and bonding as well.
  6. Host a Movie Viewing
    1. Use your church or set up a sheet and projector in town to show a movie like Not Today (, Trade of Innocents (, Amazing Grace, or Nefarious ( and give a little informative talk about a couple you know who is going to Southeast Asia to serve trafficking victims.
  7. Host a Party
    1. Plan on making a Thai dish or desert. Show a movie or our video (above) and discuss what you can do as a community, small group, or church.
  8. Compassion Bible Study
    1. Lead a topical Bible study in your sunday school, small group, dorm, or church on compassion. There are a lot of resources out there. Here’s a good place to start:
  9. Bike/Run/Skateboard/Jump Rope etc for the children
    1. If you have a talent you can use it to raise money and awareness. Plan a specific feat (bike 50 miles in a day, run a marathon with a baby doll in your arms, skate for 24 hours, hike a mountain with a ball and chain attached to your leg, golf 54 holes in one day (walking) eat fried crickets, the skies the limit!) then get people to sponsor you per unit ($1 per hole, 1 penny per yard, $3 per cricket etc)
  10. Get Creative and think of your own idea! Your own imagination is the only think holding you back!

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