About Us

Hope Haven is a nonprofit project under the US registered 501(c)3 Trove Global Impact Foundation. Started by Matthew and Stephanie Kramm. Hope Haven is committed to working with and supporting the Thai legal system in their efforts to protect children and vulnerable families in Thailand. We strive to operate at the highest ethical standards while working to:

  • Keep vulnerable children in school and in their families and direct abuse cases to the Social Welfare Department and local Child Advocacy Center
  • Provide after-school care, mentoring, and discipleship for children at risk of  abandonment and abuse
  • Provide a home for children who have no home
  • Encourage Thai believers to foster, adopt, or play some role in preventing child trafficking and abuse
  • Share the good news about Jesus among the unreached, bringing healing to victims, their families, and their communities
  • Partner with local ministries, churches, and government to create sustainable anti-trafficking solutions


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