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We are applying to operate as a legal foundation in Thailand in order to rescue victims of human trafficking and abuse and provide for their safety, social development, education, and spiritual needs. This includes a Victim Safe House and Child Rescue Team in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

We can not do this alone. Would you consider investing in the rescue of child rape and trafficking victims?



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  1. How exciting! I’m grateful to God for all he had done in both of your lives to give you a passion and a burden to go to Southeast Asia. Your obedience is a blessing and example to me too! He has prepared you and it is great to be able to see as He provides the way!

    • We are shooting for Isaan somewhere but we’re hoping we can take a child protection ministry model from an already existing group of projects in Chiang Mai under Family Connection Foundation (which includes the HUG project) so we’ll be there for a few months before we head east. Or South – probably east though – wherever there is the most need, no else is willing to go, and where we can viably live. Thanks for getting in touch!

  2. Thank you for your beautiful, humble, and poignant response to the worship war Catalyst…

    Wisdom from God pervaded your comment.

    Thank you!

    Hope, Matt

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